Thomas Fricke
Photographer based in Winnipeg, Canada

random shoots'n snaps

Finally a great wknd for a campfire!
My 3rd of 3 zoo campaign shots. Everyone’s doin’ the seal! (at Richardson Building (Winnipeg))
Another of the Zoo campaign shots I worked on.
My biggest billboard yet, over 3 storeys tall (bears added in from stock, I shot everything else though).  Concept by McKim.
UofM Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, Bruce Miller.  Community leader in aboriginal relations.
International human rights defender, David Matas, inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. #CMHR
Location scout tonight. Prairie sky never disappoints.
Aviators in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Designer Matthew Kroeker with his newly launched Top and Derby cane.  For the Globe and Mail.
Guns, smokes and a hankerin’ for duck.  Saskatchewan delta for Canadian Geographic.
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